Are You Looking for The Best Roofing Material For Your Home in Australia?


In all types of homes, the roof is considered to be one of the most important architectural elements. The roof is our first defense against all kinds of weather and outside elements and hence it is necessary to ensure that you must choose the right kind of roofing material for your home.

As far as the design of the roof is concerned, this is the only largest external area of your house, which is forming necessary connection between your house and your street. If you are looking for Sydney roof restoration for any kind of issues then you may contact Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restoration, which is a very well experienced roofing expert.

The following are the few factors that you need to consider while choosing your roofing material:

  • Your style of home or building.
  • State-specific building codes in your area in Australian
  • Residential community covenants and council requirements.
  • The anatomy and the underlayment of the roof.
  • Your expectations about energy efficiency.

Let us now look at a few different materials that are generally preferred for the roof of Australian homes.

  1. Steel roofs

Following are a few plus points of steel roofs:

  • Superior appearance
  • Rugged and non-combustible and can withstand all climates
  • Can last minimum for 3 to 4 decades

Steel roofs must be painted with reflective coloured paint so that it does not absorb heat and the building is more energy efficient. With regular maintenance and washing of the roof, the life of steel roofs can be further extended.

  1. Terracotta tile roofs

Terracotta tiles are very commonly used as the roof material and the following are a few plus points:

  • Highly insulating and also long-wearing
  • Requires a very low maintenance
  • The minimum life span is 50 years
  • Its colour is permanent and rarely shows its age
  • Good appearance
  • Highly energy efficient

Terracotta tiles are quite popular roofing material in Australia, however, they are a bit expensive option in comparison with concrete tiles.

  1. Concrete tiles

Concrete tiles are also another popular material for roofs that can have 50 years of life. Following are a few features of concrete tiles:

  • It is a cheaper option in comparison with terracotta
  • Helps in controlling temperature within the room
  • Energy-efficient material
  • A little porous and may not have a similar luster to terracotta.

It is necessary to paint the concrete tiles from time to time to maintain their look.

  1. Zinc and copper cladding roofs

This is another metallic roof option and the following are a few features of these roof materials:

  • Durable and robust material
  • A stylish option
  • Gets much better with age
  • Can be washed

Usually, to install these roofs, it may take a much longer time as compared to steel roofing material. You need to employ a god craftsman for installing zinc or copper roofing materials.

  1. Synthetic and bluestone slate roof

This is another classic material often preferred as a roof option. They are particularly suitable for high ceilings with hardwood floors. The beauty of slate is that you can get in variations of textures, which is drawn from a unique landscape from where it was originally formed.

The downsides are – slate is expensive, heavy and very fiddly for installation.

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