Do You Want to Upgrade Your Backyard with Pavers?


You can always upgrade or increase the aesthetic appeal of your residence however there are very few items that can produce the impact, which even any new stone pavers are also able to do. No matter whether you want to renovate your interior or exterior of your home, you can always install pavers for enhancing the appearance and also feel your home.

Most compelling stone feature is colour variety and also variety of materials that you are able to choose from. Usually, pavers are made from limestone, travertine, sandstone and many other natural stones, and each of them has different design impacts on your home.

Let us share details about 5 beautiful stone pavers to update your home that you can get from Marble Matters and each material type has its own special benefits:

Basalt/porphyry pavers

Basalt and also porphyry are kind of volcanic rock. Hence, they can create a very interesting aesthetic appeal, and also add fascinating conversation point too for your guests.

  • Limestone pavers

Limestone pavers are quite attractive to many homeowners because they are available in many different colours like black, cream, beige and grey.

  • Marble pavers

Marble pavers look particularly attractive if they are set next to your outdoor pool or Jacuzzi, however they go well for indoor use too.

  • Sandstone pavers

For more economical option, sandstone pavers are right choice for the renovation project. This material can create unique patterned look, because each individual paver will be slightly different coloured.

  • Travertine pavers

It is popular material and can blend in with many d├ęcor and styles, also available in many neutral colours with high-quality finishes. Also, they are quite affordable.

Following are few ways you can always upgrade your backyard by using pavers.

  • Craft a nice planter

Just make your industrial-style planters of your own with few patio pavers and few inexpensive supplies.

  • Furniture foundation

You can offer your patio furniture certain rock-solid foundation by using pavers and gravel which transforms the backyard space into retreat for your friends and family.

  • Get glowing

Design your entire outdoor hardscaping by using a pack of paver lights that you can always get from Amazon.

  • Hop to it

Use a little bit of paint and transforms your ordinary pavers into a stepping-stone for classic hopscotch grid.

  • Pattern play

Try square pavers for lending a modern, tidy appearance to all your space, or with natural stone pavers to get more organic look.

  • Pave the way

For adding clutter-free visual, just lay down pavers few inches apart for creating modern garden path.

  • Paver project

For upgrading your outdoor space, you can use pavers. With right planning, even any DIY novice can do a paver project.

  • Polish a pool

Consider a pave path from your pool to outdoor seating areas to get visual continuity and also easy travel to the backyard.

  • With a fine match

Pea gravel and concrete pavers are lovely pair and can work in tandem. It can create clean, beautiful and modern patios.

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