Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill in 2020


Saving money on your energy bill I the summer means taking control of your air condition and what you’re cooling. Checking the insulation, the doors and windows for drafts, and the thermostat are all good starts to keeping your bill low and your home comfortable. Call a company that does air conditioning repair in Pittsburgh, PA, to get an annual tune-up to keep the AC running efficiently longer.

Check the Insulation

Your home’s insulation keeps the cool air from escaping. If your home is older, it might be time to replace or reinforce its insulation. The first place you want to check is the attic. Attics are designed to keep roofs in better condition by allowing air to flow through them and reducing the probability of condensation. The insulation in your attic should have a consistent thickness and be free from water stains or mold. If your insulation looks too thin or damaged, you may want to add to it.

Check the Doors and Windows

Most of the air exchange that happens in a home is through the doors and windows. If the seals aren’t maintained, you could be losing valuable cold air. You could hire someone to check your home for efficiency with a home energy audit. A cheaper way is to close up the home, then go out side and run your fingers along the window door seams. If you feel cold air escaping, you’ll need to redo the seals and add insulation where appropriate.

Check the Thermostat

The type of thermostat you have, where it’s placed and the temperature it’s set at will all affect your energy bill. A smart thermostat is the best one for comfort and energy savings. A programmable thermostat is second. If you have a manual thermostat, it’s important to set it at one temperature and leave it alone. No matter what kind of thermostat you have, you want to put it in a heat neutral area. Keep it away from lights, the stove, and dryer. Also avoid placing it where the sun might shine on it. It will measure the temperature higher than it really is and cause your AC to turn on more frequently. Choosing the right temperature between 75 and 78 degrees will help keep you cool while being easier on the pocketbook.

Check the Calendar

Your AC needs to be maintained annually. When it’s time, call a company that does air conditioning repair in Pittsburgh PA, and schedule an appointment for the annual tune-up.

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