Few Questions That You Must Ask Before You Hire a Plumber


Often you may have to call a local plumbing company in case there is any problem in your bathroom or kitchen line.

There must be plenty of good plumbers Sydney available, however before you hire them for any work, you must ask the following few questions to evaluate them.

  • Are you a licensed plumber?

Always prefer to hire a licenced plumber so that you are ensured that you will deal with a qualified and experienced plumber. Only such plumbers are provided with necessary license by authority.

  • Do you charge on hourly basis or at flat rate?

It is always preferable to hire a plumber who offer a flat rate for the work, instead of hourly rate. You can check the rate from any other to know the actual market rate.  

  • Do you ask for upfront payment?

Always make the payment after the job is done as per your satisfaction. Do not hire a plumber who is asking for upfront money for the job.

  • Who will be doing the actual work?

If you are discussing with a plumbing company then try to identify the person who will be doing actual work, so that you can know more about him.

  • Will you clean up all the mess after the job completed?

Usually, a good plumber will clean up all the mess after completing the work. However, few demand extra charges for that. It is always better to clarify and exercise your discretion. 

  • What chemical cleaners do you use?

Ensure that the plumber does not use any harmful chemical which may create any health hazard for your household. You can also find details of the chemicals from other sources too.

  • Are you insured?

Make sure that your plumber is fully insured and also check the validity of his insurance paper. In case, there is an accident then you will not be held responsible for the damage caused by the accident. 

  • What precautions you use for our health and safety?

Health and safety can be a very important issue for your family and therefore you must know how much awareness the plumber has regarding this matter. If the plumber looks not much concerned about this then it is better not to hire such a plumber. 

  • How to avoid any bathroom plumbing maintenance?

You can ask the plumber tips for plumbing maintenance so that you can go for DIY and you need not call for the service of any plumber again and again.

Usually, the plumber charges are quite high and for any simple and straight forward jobs, there is no need to call a plumber and spend money. 

  • How do you fix any leaky PVC made water pipe?

Often leaky condition of PVC pipe can occur in the household and it will be good to ask such question to your plumber. If the plumber is knowledgeable then he will tell you many ways that you can prevent any leak to happen. 

 Having satisfied yourself with the answer, you can decide to hire a plumber for your work.

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