Tips for Keeping Your Workplace Fully Ready for COVID-19


In the month of January 2020, WHO had declared the outbreak of this new corona disease in Wuhan city of China? They also warned that there is a very high risk of it spreading to all other countries all over the world.

All the respective countries started taking necessary action. However, you cannot achieve long term success unless all sections of the society including business organizations and employers play their role effectively to stop the spread of this virus.

Following are few simple ways of preventing the COVID-19 spreading in the workplaces. Few inexpensive measures as mentioned below can help to prevent the spread of this infectious disease in the workplace.

Even if no COVID-19 cases have been detected within the community, employers must start doing following few things.

  • Ensure that your workplaces are perfectly clean and hygienic

All desk and table surfaces and objects like telephone, keyboards must be wiped daily because due to contamination on the surfaces touched by any employee or customers COVID-19 virus can spread.

  • Develop regular hand-washing habit by all your employees, customers and contractors

Keep hand sanitizers, hand rub dispensers at prominent places all around the workplace. Also, ensure that all these dispensers are refilled regularly.

Try to put display posters to promote hand-washing. Combine all these with all other communication measures like offering guidance from safety and health officers.

Also ensure that all your staff, contractors as well as customers have proper access to places to wash hands by using soap and water, as washing only kills the virus present on your hand and can prevent spreading of COVID19

  • Promote in your workplace a good respiratory hygiene

Also display posters to promote respiratory hygiene. Make sure that either surgical masks supplied by customer earth promos or any other face masks by using paper tissues are abundantly available at the workplace.

Particularly for those people who have developed a runny nose/cough must be provided with closed bins in order to dispose them of hygienically because proper respiratory hygiene can prevent spreading COVID-19 virus

  • Brief all your employees, customers and contractors

Communicate to all your employees, contractors as well as customers that in case COVID-19 already has started spreading within their community or even anyone have a mild cough with low-grade fever must stay at home and work from home.

You need to keep communicating and also promote message that all people must stay quarantined at home even in case they have just mild COVID-19 symptoms.

Not only you must display posters with all these messages in the workplaces but also try to communicate by using all your available communication channels that is used commonly in your organization.

Various occupational health services or the local public-health authority may have also developed campaign material for promoting this message, that should be made clear to all employees and their absence from work will be treated as time off or as sick leave.

  • Advise all the employees and contractors

Suggest all your employees/contractors to consult at any national travel advice prior to going for business trips.

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