General Information on Polished Concrete Floor and Its Features


Polished concrete floor, one of the most popular types of floor providing all the benefits the owner of the building would prefer to enjoy. As the name suggests normal concrete floor is changed to look highly polished and unique by using few kinds of mechanical process. People love to have such kind of floor as it looks attractive, smooth and hard. It is durable, thus don’t have to worry about being spoilt or damaged even if the floor is subjected to heavy traffic.

How a simple concrete floor is changed in to polished floor?

  • It is a multi step mechanical process as many specialised equipment are used to accomplish the right texture of polish on the concrete floor.
  • The first basic process is to level the concrete on the floor and remove any air pockets. A grit metal diamond cut tool is used to even the whole floor as well as the floor remains porous to absorb the densifier (a specially formatted chemical compound) to get the desired look of the floor.
  • In the grout process all kinds of air pockets and holes are removed before the densifier is applied to harden the concrete before polishing the floor.
  • Mostly resin abrasives are used of different level to provide the polished finishing looks of the floor as desired by its owner. They have to decide between lower gloss and higher gloss effects, as more the resin abrasives used the cost of polishing will rise.
  • The last step taken is to apply a guard to be soaked by the floor. It greatly helps in hardening the floor and make scratch resistant.

While knowing about the process involved in making the concrete floor totally polished, it helps greatly to know the benefits of polished concrete floors. Here are ample benefits you can enjoy if the whole process is done by good reliable experienced concrete finished professionals.

Here are the few benefits that you can’t resist:

  • The floor reflects luxuriousness – Yes, it shines and reflects thus looks elegant and matchable with rest of the space decor.
  • Low maintenance – You don’t have to use special cleaning devices as it doesn’t hold any dirt of pollutants. Moreover, no need to apply wax coating to make it look new forever.
  • Customizable as you can opt for low gloss, semi gloss or fully gloss polished floor as preferable. You can choose variants in colours and patterns for your floor as well.
  • Eco friendly because polishing the floor no harsh chemical or non-environmentally friendly materials are used by the concrete polishing professionals. Nonetheless the floors are energy efficient.
  • Non slippery – It is safe to walk as you can coat a non slippery texture providing substance.
  • Long lasting – You don’t have to doubt about the floor durability quality as it won’t easily wear out.
  • The floor is excellent thermal conductor. Hence, no worries to walk bare foot as the floor remain warm.
  • The flooring is budget friendly compared to other stylish flooring options.
  • While considering ample benefits you must have surely decided to have concrete polished floor in your home, offices, marketing space or warehouses. To know more in detail, you can visit well acclaimed floor designing specialists like


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