Busting the Most Common Myths About Home Plumbing


Home plumbing is complicated. The pipes, fixtures, appliances, and accessories that make plumbing work properly on a daily basis are so diverse and often delicate that it’s no wonder why people turn to plumbing contractors in Marietta. Expertise is essential.

People who are less familiar with plumbing may believe some common myths about how plumbing works, which jobs are acceptable to DIY, and more. Here are the top myths about home plumbing, busted.

Flushable Wipes Are a Good Substitute for Toilet Paper

Flushable wipes are technically flushable; they usually go down the drain when you push the lever on your toilet. But what happens next isn’t quite so pretty. Supposedly flushable wipes don’t dissolve easily in water and form sticky, dense clogs when they collect in your pipes. This is a problem in many municipal sewer systems as well as in the sewer lines under most homes. If you must use a flushable wet wipe, don’t use it as a substitute for toilet paper. Always throw wet wipes in the trash.

PVC Pipes Are Inferior to Metal Pipes

You might think of white plastic PVC pipes as thinner and more brittle than metal, but PVC is actually the best material for some applications. That’s because PVC is designed to be hard, strong, and long-lasting. In fact, PVC pipes are actually better and handling high-pressure water than many metal pipes, which is why they’re commonly used for main water supplies and some drains. PVC won’t rust, unlike stainless steel or lead pipes. While you should still use a heat-resistant material like copper for hot water, PVC is an affordable, long-lasting option for many plumbing projects.

You’ll Always Know When Your Pipes Are Leaking

Many people know the most common signs of leaking pipes, like water pooling under your sink, a dripping noise, and a sudden spike in your water bills. But pipe leaks are only obvious when they’re in easy to see places. Any homeowner could spot a leak in an exposed basement pipe, a sink drain pipe, or an outdoor faucet. But the most dangerous pipe leaks are actually in concealed places like inside your walls or even under your yard. Regular plumbing maintenance can catch leaks early.

You Can DIY Clog Repair

Clogs are tough work to repair. You might think that pouring storebought drain cleaner down your drains does the job, but this is actually dangerous for your plumbing. Drain cleaners are damaing and can erode your drain pipes. They can even damage your sinks, toilets, and tubs. Don’t try to snake your drain or disassemble exposed drain pipes, either. One wrong move can cause you to wrack up expensive repair bills. Leave this work to plumbing contractors in Marietta. Good plumbing contractors can effectively remove clogs without causing any secondary damage.

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