Age Safely in Your Own Home


When you bought your forever home years ago, you probably weren’t thinking about mobility. You were young, and that flight of stairs to get to the bedrooms, or the tub with its oversized sides were luxuries you paid extra for. But as you aged, that oversized tub began to resemble an Olympic pole vault competition, with your legs as the pole. Since falls are the leading cause of death among folks older than 65, it makes sense to retrofit your home rather than sell it. One of the best ways is to replace your existing bathtub with a walk in shower bath combo.

Why Switch to a Walk in Unit?

By eliminating the standard sixteen-inch side of a bathtub, you are able to rid yourself of the ritual of balancing on one foot while you vault over the side. Add in the fact most bathroom floors are made of a hard surface that gets slippery when wet, and you can see the benefit of a better entry into the bath. By using a walk in unit, you can close the door and fill the heated tub quickly while sitting on a heated seat. Turn on the jets and your body will enjoy a soothing massage while relieving stress safely and comfortably. If you only have time for a quick shower, you still can have the benefit of a safe entry while you use the overhead unit rather than the hand held to direct the spray. The safety features embedded in every walk in tub eliminate the risk of a fall. Handrails are placed for ease of entering and exiting the tub, anti-scald technology prevents accidental burning, an anti-skid floor prevents slipping, and a quick fill and quick release eliminates sitting in cold water while the tub drains

What Kind of Tub Is Best?

Look for a tub made from acrylic with a gel coating to provide years of reliability. The unit should have undergone rigorous testing and be backed by a lifetime warranty. The door should open inward, since most bathrooms are on the small side. Make certain the company from whom you purchase the unit can deliver and professionally install the unit. They should offer a guarantee on their installation. These are some things you need to look for when searching for a walk in shower bath combo.

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