Underfloor Heating System for Your Stone and Tile Floors


Most of us prefer to use either stone floor or tiles floor in our kitchen or bathroom, as they are more durable as well as much easier to clean too. This option can also be done in many other places of the house too.

Due to low thermal resistance under the tile and also their high thermal mass, these floor types can be perfect for conservatories or any other areas that are subject to any high heat loss.

Various tilers North Shore find such type of hard surfaces can be much more suitable for using underfloor heating by using electric or hydronic heating systems meant for under floors.

Higher thermal conductivity

Generally, any tile and stone will make the most efficient as well as functional type of flooring in order to use along with any under tile heating system.

Since, both tile and stone generally have got very high thermal conductivity and that means they will be able to transfer heat quite efficiently from any pipe containing warm water or any heating cable to floor surface.

This kind of material will be able to retain heat quite well and thus will make the system much more efficient, as it can heat up much faster and also maintain the floor quite warm by using very less amount of energy.

Electric systems meant for Tiles

As mentioned above, all these hard surface of stone floors and tiles finishes can be quite suitable for both electric as well as hydronic heating systems for underfloor. However, electric under the tile heating mats usually are considered most popular in the bathrooms.

There is different kind of heated decoupling system available in the market that can be perfect option for any regularly shaped bathrooms as well as for irregular bathrooms having many numbers of fixtures.

However, in general, the right system, will be dependent on the size and shape of the area, the subfloor type and nature of the project, whether it is a renovation work or a freshly new-build.

Following are few electric systems which are quite common in the market.

  • Sticky mat system

This kind of sticky mat system can be used within adhesive layer below the tiles or within levelling compound below other floor finishes.

These fixed spacing and also self-adhesive mats can make installation of any regularly shaped rooms much quickly and easily whilst making sure about maintaining precision.

  • DCM-PRO system

This is another new kind of electric system for underfloor heating that can protect from cracking of any tiled floors, as they are very well tested as per various standard specifications.

This system consists of decoupling membrane along with the heating cable, and this DCM-PRO will make the installation of this electric underfloor heating very quick and easy.

  • Loose wire system

This loose wire system has been designed for application within the layer of adhesive under the tiles or within levelling compound under any other type of floor finishes and can be ideal for installing within any areas that are small or having irregular shapes.

All these underfloor heating systems are ideal for kitchen and bathrooms.

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