TWX Home Cleaning Tips – How to Keep Your Oven Perfectly Clean


People have identified that cleaning the oven is one of the worst household chores. Certainly, most of us will like to postpone this task as long as it is possible. However, the unfortunate truth with any oven cleaning is, the longer you postpone it, the worse it can get.

Therefore, in this write up we have put together a few oven cleaning tips, which can keep your oven always sparkling clean, all throughout the year and in between your professional oven cleaning, so that you can save both your money and time eventually.

1. Use the right size of dish – If your oven dish can boil water, then make sure that you never overfill it. You may also prefer to place a dish or any baking tray underneath to collect any spillage.

2. Use roasting bag – By using a roasting bag not only you can retain moisture content of the roast but also it can eliminate splatter of fat and grease throughout the oven.
If this excess fat and grease are not removed correctly, then oven may get tainted after subsequent cooking.

3. Use the BBQ – Prefer to use BBQ, if you want to cook any meat having high fat content. Nowadays the ovens have the facility of BBQ by using blue flame produced by the oven and that can also help in enhancing flavour.

4. Always use a lid – By using a lid for covering the food while it is being cooked can eliminate the grease and fat on the oven surfaces. Therefore, either use casserole dishes or any glass bakeware to cover the food.

5. Immediately wipe up the mess – If you allow any mess or spillage to stay longer in the oven then it gets difficult to remove them hence as soon as you find the mess try to wipe it away by using warm soapy water.

6. Regularly clean the oven

After using the oven, you must immediately clean the oven by using hot water with soap, so that oven will always be maintained clean. There are a number of branded oven cleaning products offered by reliable and trustworthy companies like TWX Home.

7. Get professionally cleaned twice a year – It is recommended that you must call a professional for cleaning your oven completely after every 6 months. If you maintain such frequency of professional cleaning, then you may not require to do too much effort to clean the oven.

8. Use oven liner – One way to keep the oven perfectly clean is by using an oven liner. All these liners are designed so that it can catch any drippings or food that can be easily cleaned or removed.

9. Place tray on bottom rack of oven – You can always remove easily any tray and clean it immediately after your cooking. You must be careful about not placing the tray on floor of your oven because few ovens use certain element beneath the oven which may crack and also scorch the enamel.

10. Ensure thermostat is healthy – Make sure that your thermostat is properly working and controlling the temperature as it should be.

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