Attention to Details: Light Switch Design Ideas


When people think of renovating their home, they often look at the bigger picture. But, within this broad image are the minor details that complete the overall design of the space. Some of these little things are the light switch plates. They mainly serve as a cover for your lighting’s electrical wires and are mostly white, made of metal and plastic.

People don’t take much interest in them because of their plain and bland facade. But, you can turn them into the focal point of any room with a simple modification. Continue reading to learn a few design ideas that can highlight these fixtures.

Paint Them Up

Using a nice paintbrush, completely coat the switch plate with your favorite color. You can go for a solid shade or try blending and creating a gradient effect with two hues. Popular choices today are lilac plus rose quartz and coral pink added to ocean blue.

You can also merge three tints. Imitate sunsets using red, orange, and yellow or sunrises with blue, pale violet, and yellow.

If you want to, you can duplicate the artwork of your favorite painter. Maybe you’d like Van Gogh’s Blossoming Almond Tree or the classic Starry Night. You can also draw a pattern or figure. Go for birds, flowers, or the moon and the stars.

Place Some Stickers

If you don’t like to get dirty, you can use washi tape, a material made of rice paper, instead of paint for your switch plate. You’ve probably added this to your diary, scrapbook, and other craft projects when you were younger. Another option is a sticker. Both are easy to use and available in a variety of designs.

Do you have a library? Why not change the look of the switch plate with a printed image ofthe cover of your favorite book? Print a photo of it and simply paste it on the fixture. Fond of animals? There are stickers and washi tapes with dog and cat prints.

Tip: Once you’re done placing the sticker, apply a clear varnish and let it dry for at least a day. This will act as a sealant, so the material won’t easily come off.

Frame the Switch Cover

For people who love photography, you can make a mini gallery on the wall where your switch cover is. Gather all your favorite shots and frame them – don’t forget to prepare a border for the wall plate as well. Place each picture strategically, making it look like the fixture is one of the images you’ve taken.

Now, you can use a different frame, other than those traditional variants. You can be playful by utilizing those brick toys or the seashells you picked from your last trip on the beach.

These are just some simple ways you can make your wall plates as the centerpiece of the rooms inside your home. Keep these design ideas in mind and apply them to your light switch covers when you refurbish your house. The materials you need are all available in any hardware store near your area.

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