Tips on The Preparation Before Concrete Polishing


Concrete polishing is an increasingly popular service. The main demand for this service stems from the high cost of replacing the original floors. The polished concrete provides a fresh new look to your space. It is a feasible and attractive alternative to replacement as it provides additional benefits such as ease of maintenance and long-lasting durability.

Polished Concrete Specialists (PCS) is an Australia-based company established in 1997 that was the first to introduce mechanically polished concrete (MPC) to Western Australia. They ensure to achieve the highest standard and best results of their service, by constantly experimenting and researching. Furthermore, their values focus on each customer’s special needs for polished concrete floors.

Dos and don’ts of concrete polishing

There are a few things you need to keep in mind once you decide on concrete polishing. These will ensure that the process goes on smoothly.

  • Do plan about repairs before polishing: Before, polishing your existing concrete floors, you need to know if the floors are stable and proper. If any repair such as stabilizing or filling in cracks or cleaning of the slabs is required, then it should be done beforehand.
  • Don’t wait for too long: Minor damage to the concrete is normal. However, if neglected for too long, these small damages can turn into large ones. Small cracks and stains can become larger. As the crack becomes more noticeable, it becomes more dangerous and can make the slab uneven. So, make sure you get your damages fixed on time before it gets worse.
  • Do consider options for finishes: After your concrete floor is polished, you have options for the finishing part. You can add dyes to make it work with the theme of the interior, or coatings that can be opted to make sure that your floor is resistant to moisture, scuffing and stains.
  • Do regular follow-ups: Polished floors may be easy to maintain but it still requires timely attention. You must run a sweep or mop through the floor to prevent scratches. Furthermore, make sure you use non-abrasive cleaning products which will not remove polishing.
  • Do hire a professional: To make sure that you get the desired results, make sure that you contact a professional with experience and expertise to help you with this task. It is best to leave the job to the professionals. The contractor will provide all of the required material and special tools that any individual would not have access to.
  • Don’t hire the first compare you hear about: Before you decide on which contractor to hire for your job, you must research about the best service providers. You can call people and ask, even read reviews online and try to observe some similar projects to see how the work is done.
  • Do speak to your contractor openly: After you decide on your contractor, make sure you communicate well with them so that they know exactly what you want. This provides them a clear view of their finished goal.


The dos and don’ts provided can be helpful in making sure that you make no mistakes in the process of polishing your floor.

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