5 Things to Consider When Buying a Step-In Tub


Those who live withseniors or people with disabilities are all too familiar with the challenges they have when moving around at home, especially in the bathroom. Cleaning up by themselves is often difficult and time-consuming. After all, a wet floor is a severe slipping hazard that causes major accidents. Luckily, there are step-in tubs that can give them freedom and independence without compromising safety.

That said, step-in bathtubs aren’t cheap. They’re a huge investment, so you should first learn more about them. Here are some things you need to consider beforehand.


Measure your bathroom first. Bring the exact dimensions to the suppliers, so they’ll have an idea of what torecommend. This way, you’ll get one thatfits your place perfectly. The worst thing that could happen is realizing that you can’t use the tub you’re excited about because it can’t be positioned anywhere in your home.

Safety Features

Walk-in tubs make bathing easier and much more accessible for seniors and people with disabilities, but not all of them are the same. Consider their needs, particularly for those who use mobility devices. Some units are specifically made for wheelchairs and walkers. Getting the right modelensures safety and comfort when going in and out of it.

Fill and Drain System

When using a safety tub, you’ll have to sit inside and wait until it fills up. This is a drawback for those who are used to having a traditional one where you let the water run before taking a bath.

To reduce waiting time, your faucet must have a high flow rate and be paired with a pump-assisted draining system. The speed at which they both operate should also be proportionate to your tub’s capacity in gallons.

Therapeutic Features

Aside from safety, you might be surprised that mobility-friendly bathtubs boasttherapeutic features. Some include water massage, air massage, chroma therapy, and aromatherapy. These can help you mitigate pain, and make your bath more enjoyable and relaxing. It’ll be like having your own healing spa at home.


Once you’ve picked a model, read the warranty and decide if you’re comfortable with the terms and conditions.Make sure you understand all of it, including technicalities like extra charges for installations and repairs.

These are the first things you should take into account before investing in a step in tub. By planning this purchase carefully, you’ll findthe ideal unit that fits your budget and meets your needs.

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