When Do You Require Commercial HVAC Maintenance?


To keep your HVAC equipment in the best running condition, you need to service it on a regular basis. Every HVAC unit and the building has its own requirement. To schedule its maintenance requires you to consider several factors.

In this article, we will tell you important things to note when considering commercial HVAC maintenance of your building.

Age of AC

Several buildings have an older unit that needs frequent maintenance services. The new HVAC unit requires minimum maintenance. Assess the age of your HVAC to determine the right frequency of the existing equipment. You can even ask HVAC professional service to suggest to you how many HVAC maintenance services you would need.

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Demand on Heating, and Cooling System

An HVAC system that is used frequently, works harder and requires more servicing. The size and age of the building, the materials with which it is made, and its quality of insulation contribute towards determining the efficiency of the unit.

The number of people who use it, and the number of hours for which you will use it daily, fluctuations in outdoor temperature, etc. have a key impact on its maintenance schedule. If you find that you use your HVAC on a frequent basis, then you must get it serviced more than two times in a year.

Type of Your HVAC Equipment

The servicing of your HVAC equipment also depends on its type. Some of the fundamental types of AC systems are split systems, duct-free systems, packaged systems, and hybrid split systems.

Identify what type of HVAC system does your building have to get clarity on its servicing schedule. Split systems have got several internal and external components in it. As external parts are exposed to the environmental conditions, they have increased maintenance needs as compared to its interior components.

Lease Requirements of the building

You need to also understand the lease requirement of the commercial building. These requirements have to be met to meet the building’s lease contract. Some lease permits HVAC maintenance to be serviced annually, quarterly, or bi-annually as per the landlord’s preference.

So, examine your lease agreement to prepare a service schedule that doesn’t violate the lease requirements. Failing to do it can even lead to penalties, or canceling your rental contract.

Frequency of Filters Getting Dirty

Filters of your AC system keep your home free from dust, debris, and dander. Dirty filters reduce the inflow of air through the system and make them work harder. Buildings like retail establishments, offices, and residential places that see a lot of foot traffic need frequent amendments in the filter to circulate better quality of air.


Understand these factors to determine the right frequency of AC maintenance. Hiring skilled HVAC experts will evaluate your building’s HVAC systems to provide the best recommendation for its maintenance schedule.

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