Few Common Problems of Tankless Water Heaters and How to Resolve Them


For your home as well as office tankless water heaters can be a great investment. They are not only highly efficient, but also, they can save your money by heating your water only on-demand.

Sometimes few uncommon, problems do arise in case something is malfunctioning within the water heater. Following are six most common problems and maintenance issues that often you may face with tankless heaters which need the services of plumber Germantown MD.

1.   Mineral buildup

Whether you have installed any traditional heater or tankless water heater, regularly watch for the build up of minerals inside the water heater. The hard water particularly contains lots of minerals that can always build up around the heater.

Mostly they are calcium and magnesium minerals present within the water. You must regularly clean the tank after every 6 months or use water softener for slowing down such buildup.

2.  System overload

Based on the capacity of your heater there may always be a chance that your heater may get overloaded. If you are using multiple showers then there is a chance of getting overloading.

In case if such problem occurs then you must reduce its load. However, if you notice such problems too frequently then you may consider about upgrading the heater system.

3.  Cold water sandwich

In case in your household needs frequent back-to-back showers, then you may get “cold water sandwich” issue.

Actually, all heaters have certain amount of hysteresis characteristics thereby once the heater gets switched off at certain points may not turn on at the same temperature point.

As a result, you may continue to get cold water even if your heater is turned on. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent this problem however, since you are now aware about it and hence can avoid going to shower until all the cold water will pass.

4.  Air supply or blockage of exhaust

Often you may get an error code that indicate that either your air-supply or the exhaust has got blocked. To resolve this problem first inspect all the vent pipes and make sure that all are connected properly.

Check for any bird nest or rodent may be blocking the vent. Clean it in case you find any such things.

5.  Ignition failure

For ignition failure there can be several reasons and your water heater may fail to ignite. This issue may often cause due to gas supply, and hence check the gas tank.

If gas or water valve is not fully open then too can cause the ignition problem.  Check and also open water and gas valves fully. If problem is still not resolved then either ignition pack must have failed or some other bigger problem.

Contact any professional for technical support.

6.  Flame failure

This problem can either because of gas pressure issue or any electrical issue. You must try to rule out all simple causes e.g. unpaid gas bill or low propane tank.

Also check whether gas line is too small, combustion issues, regulator failure, venting and more.

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