5 reasons to fit solid wood flooring in your home


If you are thinking of switching from carpets to wood flooring, here are some good reasons to help you make up your mind.

1/ wood floors are clean.

The average person sheds between 0.09g to 0.3g of skin every hour and although this does not sound like much it does all end up on the floor in microscopic flakes. Shed skin is a major component of house dust but this is also composed of soil particles, textiles, fibres, hair and atmospheric dust. One of the great benefits of wood flooring is that it is extremely easy to keep clean because any dust is visible and can be easily swept away. This is unlike carpets where dust is hidden away out of sight.

2/ wood floors help asthma sufferers and people with allergies

Because the floor is a haven for dust, carpets are home to dust mites. These microscopic bugs live in dust on a diet of skin cells and other bits of human and animal debris.  Many people are allergic to dust and dust mites, so dust mite allergy is a common medical condition. Symptoms are similar to hay fever and include a runny nose and sneezing and the allergy can also provoke asthma and cause difficulty in breathing.  Removing carpets and replacing with wood floors is an effective way to reduce dust mite allergy symptoms in the home.

3/ Solid wood flooring adds value to your home

This doesn’t mean you should only invest in wood flooring when you want to sell! Making your home beautiful and comfortable so that you can enjoy it yourself, is very important. After all, if you are going to make changes it is better to make them for yourself rather than for strangers who might buy your property in the future.  However estate agents agree that when it comes to selling, homes with good quality wood floors get far higher prices and sell much faster than those with carpets. This means that if you are considering changing your flooring now, buying good quality wood flooring will pay dividends later on, if you decide to sell.

4/ Wood Floors are environmentally friendly

Wood is a natural resource. The manufacture of wooden flooring does not create greenhouse gas or carbon emissions in the same way as many other flooring materials which are based on plastic. Solid wood flooring is a completely natural flooring material and is the most environmentally friendly option for flooring. As an added benefit, wood is very hard wearing and long lasting so you will not have to keep changing it.

5/ Wood floors never go out of style

Wood flooring has a timeless appeal. It never goes out of style and although it is extremely fashionable right now, we all know that it will still look good in decades. Imagine keeping a carpet for as long! The beauty of wood flooring is that once it is installed you will not have to change it to keep up with fashion. Wood floors have a unique style that is all their own and help create the perfect living space.

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