Different Types of Home Air Conditioners and Their Working


Choosing the right air conditioner is important for your home to maintain your home cool by keeping the energy consumption under proper control.

Majority of buyers who visit Airomania Air Conditioning usually look for energy rating and capacity of any air conditioner, however the functionality and design are also equally important.

Following are few different air conditioner types, which are briefly discussed in the following paragraphs.

  1. Portable air conditioners

These air conditioners are quite popular as they are standalone unit having all components inside a single case.

Advantage of these AC’s are:

  • Can be easily placed on the floor
  • May not need permanent installation
  • You can easily move from one room to the other room
  • Much cheaper to use as they don’t need too much energy
  • Suitable for areas within 600 square feet
  • Perfect for those who live in apartment having no central AC.
  1. Window air conditioners

These air conditioners are always installed on windows which is a standalone unit and all its components are within a single case.

These air conditioners will not need any special installation procedure and much inexpensive to run too.

They will blow away hot air outside while cool air will be thrown inside the room through a suitably sized vent.  Most suitable for cooling a single room.

  1. Through the wall type of air conditioners

They are much different from the above window air conditioners however their designs are quite similar and if you are not aware of these air conditioners you may end up buying thinking it as a window air conditioner.

These air conditioners are however mounted on the wall instead of window. However, the design is different from the above window air conditioners. They usually do not have any venting mechanism.

As compared to window AC, these have better cooling capacity.

  1. Ductless mini-split air conditioners

These conditioners are used both by homeowners as well as commercial property owners. Usually, such type of ACs are quite as all noise making components are located outside and only blowers are placed inside the room.

They do not use any duct for sending cool air but only use the blower to spread the cool air.

These air conditioners are available in various designs, energy ratings and capacity. They are very efficient but need more maintenance as compared to other air conditioners mentioned above.

  1. PTAC cooling and heating

These are Package Terminal Air Conditioner and can both heat as well as cool the space as effectively. You will mostly find them in commercial properties, hotels and offices as compared to homes.

Usually, these units are installed outside of the room or above floor or sometime also under the window

  1. Central air conditioning

Among all these AC systems, central air conditioning system is considered to be the most efficient air conditioning system that you may have in your home or offices.

There will be practically no noise from such types of AC as loud condenser unit will be located outdoors. The cold air is passed through the ducts and evaporative part of its system and then circulated all through the vents in the room’s ceiling or through floor.

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