How to Create a Stunning Design Centers


Several media platforms like Houzz, Pinterest, and HGTV are influencing consumers in several ways. As a result, builders are expected to be more style savvy than the potential buyers and truly showcase the understanding of the design centers. In this article, we are going to look at some of the secrets of creating a design center. Applying them will make sure that you have a smart and stunning design center.

  • Less is the Best

When homeowners walk into your design center, it is good for them to get fewer distractions. Making selections is the task of consumers and it is purely personal. Therefore, you have to make sure that the options that you have for them are not overwhelming. Instead, you need to have enough varieties to welcome your users. The homeowner should have a clear understanding of your products. The atmosphere should inspire concentration and creativity. You also need the ability of effectively moving through the process.

  • The Selection Should Shine

Your products should not be outshone but you need to present them clearly with several opportunities for ease of interaction. Display shelves is an effective and simple way to highlight the star that is on the show. When you position large-scale samples in the most appropriate angle and height, home buyers will find it easy to browse through your options. You also need a well-lit and large working area to go hand in hand with shelving so that it can interact freely with your flooring, countertop, and cabinet choices.

  • Vignettes that are paired with Smart Sales Team

More like a model home, the vignettes assist is showcasing the look of potential selections once you install them. It will satisfy the needs of the clients to visualize the available options. It is also an effective and simple way of comparing and contrasting. Vignettes are also an awesome approach for your sales team to spark a conversation. If you have a knowledgeable sales team, it will educate customers on why they may choose a particular selection and guide the homeowner to get to understand the differences in products.

  • Keep the Comfy of the Customer

We need to remind ourselves that the selection process is exhausting, time consuming, and more importantly personal. It is good to take a few breaks during the selection process. Therefore, you need to give the homeowners a place to relax and retreat. It is good to make sure that the location is away from the products.

It is not hard to offer snacks and beverages and most homeowners don’t want to be ‘hungry.’ Also, accommodate your design center with private spaces because families may desire to discuss among themselves to make a final decision that they will confident and comfortable with.

  • Deliver Consistent Message

Traditional to traditional, what works for one builders’ design center does not imply that it is the right solution for all. There should be a cohesive and consistent feeling between the builder’s model home, office, sales, design centers, and amenity spaces. Above all, you need to know the buyer. People who are purchasing homes for the first time may feel uncomfortable and intimidates with design centers that are full of high-end and flashy products. However, this may spark a lot of excitement for the Baby Boomers who want to spend a lot of time in showy selections.

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