Common Problems Plaguing the Septic System


The most frustrating thing is to experience nasty stuff bubbling in your front lawn making the atmosphere unpleasant. Septic tank is covertly tucked beneath the ground and until now it has been ticking nicely.

A septic tank is designed to deal with human biological waste. In some homes, the tanks need to handle plenty of water from showers & baths, kitchen waste, washing machines, dishwashers, and more. It is like asking the septic tank to handle things they are not designed for.

You will need to call one of the local septic tank companies to resolve the problem. Clogged drains need prompt cleaning but a professional with experience in commercial and residential plumbing. For example, the J&J enterprises have been helping people of Albany to resolve, repair, and maintain their septic tanks and plumbing.

Plaguing septic tank issues

The excess water level within the tank

Excessive use of water in the home forces the tank to hold extra water than it was designed for. The solid waste cannot break properly because of excess water and at a point, it rises so high that solid matter enters the distribution tubes, which are intended to handle liquids. Thus, the tubes get blocked.

The solution is to find ways of minimizing water use in the house so that less water goes into the septic system. For example, clothes washing needs to be conducted across several days rather than a single day. Dual flush or low flow toilets will help to reduce the amount of water going into the tank. Shorten your shower time or install low-flow showerheads.

Flushing of non-biodegradable matters

Non-biodegradable stuff fills space within the tank and never goes away naturally. They increase the water level higher forcing the solid waste to float inside the distribution system. Flushable stuff like diapers, tampons, and paper towels also doesn’t break down sometimes as expected.

Therefore, it is crucial to flush toilet paper and bodily waste only. Kitchen waste has to be kept away from the septic system. It means no grease or oil has to be flushed down the drain.

Using excessive detergent

Detergent includes phosphates, which encourages algae growth. This can block the distribution pipe holes. If excessive detergent is used in washing clothes, the possibility that the machine will not be able to rinse the entire residue properly diluted is more. The overuse of the wrong product can trigger an issue in the pipes and tank. For washing machines and dishwashers use liquid soap that doesn’t have phosphates like washing powders.

Harsh chemicals

Chemical products like pesticides, gasoline, solvents, paint thinners, motor oil, and brake fluid are toxic. Allowing them to flow in the septic tank can overtime pollute the soil making your garden unfit for the growth of plants, Besides, these chemicals are harsh and kill the good bacteria responsible for the waste break down in septic tanks.

Avoid using the septic system to get rid of harsh chemicals!

Make sure to hire professionals for regular septic tank maintenance. The tank gets pumped out regular, which ensures sufficient capacity for the system to work efficiently. Septic tank maintenance cost is more affordable than the expense you will need to incur when the nasty matter bubbles in your garden.

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