Buying Guide to Choose the Right Kitchen Knife


Cooking requires a variety of tools. Knives are one of them. If you are planning to buy this tool, then it is essential that you have proper knowledge of it. To save yourself from making a wrong selection, we have compiled a list of different knives. It will ease your selection and make your meal preparation easier.

Butter Knives

These knives have oddly shaped blades. They are not meant for cutting. They work remarkably well to spread butter, cream cheese, jam and any other food with a soft consistency. Their shorter blades provide efficient spreading without destroying bread. For any type of kitchen knife, visit Laguiole. It is a one-stop-shop for all types of kitchen works such as cutting, spreading, slicing, serving, etc.

Steak Knives

To deal with a steak, you need something that is powerful to handle table side meat-cutting requirements. Steak knives ensure an easy way to cut the meat. Along with steak, they are also ideal for chicken breasts and chops.

Carving Knives

Carving knives are useful to cut and slice up your turkey, roast, and ham. This knife comes with a carving fork and long and non-serrated blades. This makes it ideal to churn out perfectly sliced pork roast or turkey.

Bread Knives

To cut a bread loaf, you would need a knife that has a versatile cutting handle. Bread knives are almost similar to a carving knife but have differently shaped serrated edges. This kind of serration enables you to cut through its crust without smooshing your bread loaf.

In this way, using a bread knife helps in preserving the volume and airy quality of a perfect bread slice.

Chef’s Knives

This knife is very large in size. In all, it comprises of an 8 inches blade. A Chef’s knife is very useful. You can use it for a variety of food preparation tasks such as chopping, mincing and slicing a beef tenderloin or pork.

Utility Knives

This knife serves a lot of functions that make it versatile. You can use it to slice as well as chop your food. It is also one of those knives that aren’t very large as the chef’s knife. It may not provide the same level of balance. It is ultimate for dicing or chopping your food or slicing up a roast, chopping a cucumber, or cutting a monster sub.

Boning Knives

The boning knife is another very important kitchen tool that you must have in your kitchen tool kit. This knife is helpful in doing preparation work that involves elimination of meat from a bone. You can think of it as a way to debone a steak before cooking it.

A boning knife is thinner, and a shorter knife with curved blades that help you get the right control, cuts, and angles that a larger blade can’t provide.


So, this was the complete list of knives that are helpful for kitchen use. The above information must have given you an idea of the vast collection of cutting tools used in the kitchen.

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