Few Most Common Problems That You May Encounter with a Furnace


As soon as winter season begins in Denver, people start calling the furnace repair experts as this is the time when they notice problems with their Furnace. Whether it is commercial or residential, the story remains the same.

By knowing about most common type of furnace problems, you may take few proactive measures and prevent them.

Following are few most common issues about furnace that needs furnace repairs Denver support.

  • Lack of maintenance

Failure to do all, schedule annual maintenance and inspection on your furnace which could prevent any unexpected problems or breakdown. All such routine inspection will help your appliance to run more reliably and efficiently.

  • Dirty filters

The airflow can be reduced if the air filters remain dirty or clogged, also make the furnace to work with difficulty to circulate. In few cases, clogged filter can damage your limit switch that controls the fans.

  • Wear and tear

Airflow problem can be caused due to wear and tear and can lead to airflow issues, heat control-related problems and also overheating.

Malfunctioning thermostat

Faulty thermostat may also lead to problems in the fan or your comfort levels.

  • Electric ignition/pilot control problems

Any faulty pilot or ignition may create difficulty in heating any home or commercial area. Thermocouple problems, clogs or drafts in your appliance will result in unlit pilot light.

  • Furnace is not heating at all

Furnace that does not perform its basic task can have problems with thermostat setting, gas, power or pilot light.

  • Furnace is not heating sufficiently

In addition to clogged filter, furnace may not give enough heat if it is wrong size for your amount of space.

  • Frequent cycling

If the furnace is cycling between “On” and “Off” frequently may indicate clogged filter, bad thermostat setting or improper airflow.

  • Blower continuously runs

Any blower issues will indicate problem with limit switch that professional may have to replace.

  • Furnace was too noisy

Various rumbling, squeaking or rattles are not normal. Such sounds will indicate certain mechanical problem, clogged burner or airflow reductions.

Furnace repair tips and advice

  • Regularly change your air filters

Due to dirty air filters, multitude of problems in furnace may be developed.

So, either clean or replace your filter once in a month, as per the direction of the manufacturer. You may ask furnace repair professional to show you how you should do it.

  • Check the thermostat

In case you observe that your furnace is not producing any heat, then check the level of battery in the thermostat. Certain models need simply replacing battery to solve the problem.

  • Blower fan not turning off or furnace cycling too frequently

You can check thermostat settings. Your fan setting must be on “Auto.” Fan will generally run continuously in the “On,” “Low,” “High” or “Medium” modes.

  • Furnace not producing enough heat

Make sure that the thermostat’s setting is on “Heat” mode. Also, check the temperature and ensure that the setting is higher than current room temperature.

In case, all these do not resolve your problem then you need to buy a new furnace. Ensure that new thermostat will match your furnace as far as capability and capacity is concerned otherwise you may encounter problems in future.

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